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About Us


Our Restaurant & Story

We love Thai food...and wanted to create something to make it even more special, so we use the natural blue coloring from the Anchan Flower to add a new dimension to the cuisine. 

Not only are the blue and purple hue's beautiful, but they are full of health as well, packing many benefits, from the antioxidant anthocyanin which is good for the eyes to the rich levels of Ternatins which are not only the reason for the bright color, but also have been shown to alleviate inflammation and prevent cancer cell growth. 

There are many other surprising health benefits of this Beautiful flower as well.

But we mostly love it because it is pretty!

- Anchan Family -

Our Kitchen

In our small family kitchen we create our personally curated fresh assortment of foods for your enjoyment and love to share what we create with you.  We hope you love what we offer and welcome you to join us!

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